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    Over a decade ago experts were predicting that people would be making everyday purchases on the internet. Experts were saying that ecommerce would dominate retail.

    TODAY --- We are seeing that come true..... Ecommerce (the retail business online ) is doubling every 4 years. Last year alone well over 140 billion dollars in retail products were purchased on line..That is predicted to reach over 300 billion dollars by 2015.... The question to ask yourself is what is in it for YOU?

    YOU have an opportunity NOW to partner with TWO of the pioneers in the Retail/ e-commerce business to help re-shape the industry once again:

    • Combined their companies have done Billions of dollars in retail sales
    • Combined their companies have created 1000's of millionaires
    • Combined they have successfully employed tens of thousands of people
    • Combined their companies have reshaped the retail/ e-commerce business and pioneered the industry for over 40 years
    • Combined their companies have done Billions of dollars in retail sales

    NOW they are combining forces to ROCK the e-commerce world, by putting YOU in the equation with a business concept that is destined to reshape the online retail business as we know it!

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    KaChingKaChing! The Sweet Sound Of Money, You know the sound. I’m Talking about the sound when you win big at the slot machines.

    Now Is the Time

    KachingKaChing was master planed by TWO of the pioneers in the Retail/ e-commerce business to help revolutionize the industry once again:

    I’m going to give you a full breakdown of exactly what KaChingKaChing is really about… You’re going to get all of the crucial details about the company, the product, and the incredibly rare opportunity that is staring you in the face.

    KachingKaching have decided to open a customizable e-commerce platform and they are currently in pre launch stage. They have an official launch date of October 16, 09’ however, you can get your spot on this ‘one line” Down line Now.

    • It Will Be DAILY Pay!
    • Total Payout of 60% into Bonus Pools!
    • It’s a ‘ONE LINE’ Downline

    Buzz has already started and people are attracted to the product, and the opportunity to have an e-commerce store.

    KaChing Kaching is the first Direct Selling industry company to focus exclusively on providing individually customized e-commerce solution based on a consumer’s personal style. The company’s mission is to empower individuals to take this economy out of a slump and give millions of people the pursuit of happiness.

    Kaching Kaching is “made exclusively” for each customer. This is a revolutionary new approach to delivering products that truly address individual needs. KachingKaching is committed to innovating and delivering the highest quality products, and at the lowest price. For more information on KachingKaching, please visit:

    Kaching Kaching is NOT an online-mall; KaChing KaChing is NOT an affiliate. Kaching Kaching sells products directly from manufacturers and distributors. Real People. Real Product.

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    Right now, you are perfectly positioned at the forefront of a major e-commerce revolution… And now have the once in a lifetime opportunity to profit off this upcoming trend and create a true RESIDUAL income stream for decades to come…

    KaChingKaChing is the first company in history to have reshaped the retail/ e-commerce business and pioneered the industry for over 40 years.

    It has been proven throughout history that any successful “first to market” company (meaning any company that is the FIRST to introduce a revolutionary new idea to the marketplace) will ALWAYS be the market leader.

    Not to mention giving you a sneak peak as to how you can take advantage of SERIOUS resources and marketing secrets that you probably never even knew existed…

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    The Birth of KaChing KaChing!

    KaChingKaChing is set to launched October 16th 2009 as the first network marketing company to introduce customized e-commerce solution in the world.

    It is something that is INTUITIVELY understood by most people… And is presenting an incredibly rare opportunity to create true freedom and a lifetime of residual income.

    Smart entrepreneurs know when to recognize something like this…

    There are certain time-tested principles of wealth creation in our world that determine the level of long-term profitability of an opportunity. With KaChingKaChing, the proof is in the pudding…

    1. TRENDS:

    There’s no doubt that trends drive industries. Since the fall of the Economy many brick and mortars are going out of business. The Businesses are shifting online where people can shop at ease.


    The innovators are the ones who create long-term profits… period. If you take social media, they actually “created” an entire industry by introducing communities. Same goes for retail. Because KaChingKaChing is the FIRST company to bring customized e-commerce solution to the marketplace. And with KachingKaChing they will always be one step ahead of the competition with the ability to continuously INNOVATE.

    There are an unlimited number of possibilities for this company in the future… and the entrepreneurs who get involved now will have positioned themselves at the forefront of the biggest innovation to hit our world yet.

    So, to summarize, it is extremely rare for any company, let alone a network marketing company, to have the power to REVOLUTIONIZE an entire industry. There will never be another FIRST in the area of customized e-commerce platform.

    With the timing, trends, innovation, and the right vehicle, this is an opportunity that JUST MAKES SENSE if you’re looking to create true wealth and freedom in your life.

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